June 1, 2007, 6:21 pm
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Accent has accomplished a lot since our last blog. We have attended an ITT Career Fair at the Bertram Inn & Conference Center in Aurora Ohio, where we met a lot potential candidates. This was a day of many diverse companies who had put up stands representing themselves and looking for good candidates to hire. We talked to over twelve applicants and are looking forward to the interview process. Accent Media has also had a two-day shoot for a series of Pilates workout videos in New Jersey. Three videos were made on the shores of Red Bank, and they will be coming out in a couple of months. We have up coming events to shoot in Youngstown, Pennsylvania and North Jackson. We are getting set to shoot an infomercial in San Francisco for one of our clients with many products including the “Healthy Back” video, which we created back in December. Accent Media is getting ready to move in the new place, we are proud to say that we have a huge shooting area, because we do lots of outdoor shooting and are looking forward to be able to shoot more indoor projects in our larger facility.


Moving Update…
May 14, 2007, 2:54 pm
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In-between the beginning of July 1st to August 1st. Accent Media will be brand new tenants of the Phar-Mor Building in Youngstown, Oh. The new office space will be 2500 sq. ft. with a 22 x 38 sq. ft. studio for filming, which will be equipped with a green screen for any project that comes our way. Also, included in our new office space will be a sound booth twice the size of our original sound booth. This sound booth can accommodate up to 4 musicians and will be equipped to do any type of voice-overs need for any projects. The space was previously used for the Phar-Mor production facility, used for commercials and production meetings for Phar-Mor. The office space has not been used in over 6 years and Accent Media is proud to take over the office space. In other news Accent Media would like to welcome aboard Daniel Maamoun as our new Sales and Marketing intern from YSU. Welcome aboard Daniel.

Looking For Musicians and Their Music!!
March 28, 2007, 8:08 pm
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Hey MySpace Friends,

This is Scott over here at Accent Media. We are beginning to pull some of our extreme sport videos together for distribution, thru our production peers, “Stuck In Ohio” productions.

Dan over at “SIO” has been compiling together some awesome video, (be sure to link to their MySpace page in our “Top Friends” section), and Accent Media is out to get that talented group of Extreme Sport enthusiast’s noticed and hopefully a distribution deal.

Currently Dan is putting together his videos just for friends and family, and using unlicensed music that goes great with the video. In order to distribute the videos, we have to have a license or rights to any music we use. Now sure, as a full fledged professional production house, we have licensed music for our commercials and long form productions, but nothing that really ROCKS or that Dan can use to inspire himself to add to his videos.

WE NEED OUR MYSPACE BAND FRIENDS HELP!!! Do you want help getting your band noticed?? Want YOUR music to be featured in an upcoming Stuck in Ohio or Accent Media production?? We will give you all the credit and promote you along side our videos for royalty free music by yourself or your band. Of course this must be original music that you have created, not a cover you have made of another bands music.

IF we get one of our awesome videos distributed, we even might be able to share a percentage of the profits with you or your band. Think of the exposure as skateboarders, snowboarders, bmx’ers, water skiiers, motorcycle and more extreme sports fanatics are flying thru the air, and doing fantastic stunts set to YOUR music.

Hey, if we like your music, we may even produce, record and film your next or very first Music Video, who knows!! If you are interested in giving Accent Media and Stuck in Ohio Productions, permission to use your music, we guarantee full credit and as much exposure to your band as possible. Think of the possibilities.

Contact me, Scott, Director of Sales and Marketing here at Accent Media, if you are interested in learning more, and would like to send me a copy of your demo or current self-produced CD. You can contact me thru here at MySpace, or email me at : SFullerton(at)accentmediaonline.com I look forward to hearing from you………Thanx

And The Losers Are…………..
March 28, 2007, 7:30 pm
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Well, you can’t win ’em all, as they say, and it looks like we didnt place in the last two contests we entered. As I told you about in our last post, we were waiting to find out about our Accent Media Team Member’s entrants in the “Share the Air” contest, and their audition film for Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett’s new reality series about up and coming filmmakers, “On The Lot”. Unfortunately, our Share the Air entry didnt come in the top 3 spots, though we are still very proud of it, we definitely think the winner deserved it as well.

As far as our entry into the On The Lot reality show competition, we were hurt by a couple of factors. First the guys decided to do it on a whim and ended up filming the project in like 5 hours, (On Location!!!!), and put the edit together in about 3 days on their own time, in addition to doing their jobs here at Accent. Because of deciding to enter so late, the entry was not submitted until the final week of the competition, whereas other films had been looked at, rated and commented on for up to 6 weeks or more. Secondly, there was trouble uploading our film, we had to do it 4 times, all because of some problems on the website for the show. We were told it would not effect our chance to be evaluated or entered even though it didnt post until a week after the official deadline to enter, so who knows. Finally though, we are happy that those who were able to see it when it finally posted really enjoyed the original storyline with the fantastic twist they put in it, and thought it was very well put together for a last minute short film. I want to congratulate all of our guys for trying, and we encourage them to keep entering contests, we know they are bound for the winners circle one of these times soon!!

The Boys of Accent Media

And The Winner Is…………………………..
March 8, 2007, 3:06 pm
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We just dont know!! Panasonic was supposed to announce the winners of the “Share the Air” contest on March 1st. It is now March 8th, a week later, and no results posted or even winners notified that we know of. If you havent checked out Kevin and Dan’s entry in the contest, GO HERE, to watch their video. It’s under Kevin DeOliveira’s name and is titled, “Mixtape”.

As far as our 5 minute movie short for the “On The Lot” contest with Mark Burnett and Steven Spielburg, their video is now up on the site, and we would appreciate you checking it out and letting us know what you think. We are hoping to get thru to the next round on that one, but time is running out to find out. You can watch Kevin, Steve, and Frank’s short film, “Porcelain,” by GOING HERE. Please let us know how we did. We will keep you updated if we hear anything. This is our first attempts at entering any contests here, and we are excited about them and hope to try for more in the future……AM

Phones Ringing Off The Hook, New Space Looking Good!!
February 16, 2007, 2:45 pm
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WOW!! What a difference a story makes. I am happy to see that so many people read the Vindicator’s Sunday Business section. I sure do, and judging by all of the phone calls we recieved this week, a lot of you do as well. Calls ranged from the helpful real estate agents, trying to find us more suitable office space, to some well qualified, (and some not so well qualified,) cameramen, editors, web designers, and graphic artists, to just friends and well-wishers, offering congratulations and praise. We definitely appreciate the response, and look forward to being the premiere production house in Northeast Ohio. We were able to look at some new office space opportunities this week, and are pretty excited about two of the locations. We like them so much, we are entertaining placing offers on both, seeing which is the best deal and that will work for us in the future as well. Even with the imparative need for more space, cost is important and we cannot afford to spend too much money on the upgrade and move. This means we must choose a spot that not only works well for us right now, but is able to provide for growth in the future, so we dont end up in this same boat again anytime soon. Cross your fingers for us, and if it does work out, anybody out there who has some office furniture, tables, couches or artwork they might not be needing, please let us know. 650 square feet holds just enough furniture so we can get some work done and move around a bit. When we move into our new space, we will be having from 1800 – 2500 square feet, and will be hard pressed on money to spend on extra furniture to fill it up. Any and all donations would be appreciated.

Next week will find us busy with a new commercial to film and edit for a major downtown Youngstown attraction, we have a new corporate training video to shoot for a client, we have our current projects for the Vindicator and the San Francisco exercise video still going strong. Remember if you have any questions for the team, you can go to our “Ask the Experts” page on Vindy.com, or email us here at Questions@Accentmediaonline.com. Have a great weekend…..AM

Accent Media Goes Front Page on Vindicator Business Section
February 12, 2007, 3:01 pm
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We are off on another busy, yet fun filled week here at Accent Media. Yesterday, our local paper, The Vindicator, wrote a very nice article about our company, and owner Chip. We have already received a few congratulations calls, and are hoping it will bring in more attention and work our way. If you would like to read the article, you can go to the Vindicator’s website, Vindy.com, and look our article up in the Business and Technical section. We are also proud to be part of the Vindicator’s, “Ask The Experts” section. If you click on our ‘Expert Page‘ there, you can find information about our company, and ask any questions you may have about the world of audio, visual, multimedia, editing and public relations and marketing. Chances our, one of us has the knowledge and expertise to offer you some great advice. Have you heard about the next big home movie video debate, Blu-ray -vs- HD DVD? Accent team member Kevin, answers a question about that in one of our first questions out of the gate. Head on over to our Expert Page and ask any question you have been wondering about the world of video production and marketing.

As we finish off some of our current projects this week, we are really looking forward to shooting the DeYor Performing Arts Center, in downtown Youngstown, next week. We also begin the finishing touches of our big San Francisco, “Healthy Back”, exercise video we shot on location in December. Keep checking back and we will be sharing more of what’s happening with Accent Media, and some other fun and interesting stuff along the way.